Mortgage Protection Lead System: Secrets Revealed!

Life Agent Leads

Mortgage Protection Lead programs for Independent Life Insurance Agents that really do work!!  Our Leads Convert into SALES!

We've enhanced our already successful mortgage protection lead program to give your next mail campaign a successful boost!

Here are just some of the services that we offer

Authentic Looking Handwritten letters on Yellow Pad paper.
Manually Handwritten or Authentic Looking Handwritten envelopes.
Stamp affixing and mailing or shipping to you for mailing.

, Weekly or Monthly Mail service.
Letter printing in black or color.
Manually addressed envelopes have a near 100% open rate

——————— How It Works ———————

1. Send us your list of names. Need data? Visit or contact Joel Peng at (949) 214-1836 or

2. Edit our letter, or send us your own.

Our letter does not mislead your prospect into thinking they are replying to a form required by a mortgage lender, as many programs do. We simply present your offer in a very clear, simple, personalized and professional manner. You can make edits as you please, or send us your own letter.

3. Select how you want to address the envelope.

Recipients decide in a split second whether or not to open a piece of mail. Our custom fonts imitate real handwriting realistically to give the recipient the right first impression. Of course, there is nothing like the real thing – manually handwritten addresses – and we can do that too!

4. Affix Full First Class Postage Stamps:

  • Nothing says "personal correspondence" like an actual postage stamp.
  • Nearly 100% of people will open a hand addressed, stamped envelope because it feels familiar, like an invitation, thank-you note or maybe some money from Grandma!

5. We recommend inserting a Reply Envelope:

  • We provide the prospect 4 ways to respond: your cell, your email, fax #, and reply envelope.
  • We spray your return address on the reply envelope, so replies come directly to you. That way, you eliminate the extra time and cost of paying a middle man to manage your responses. The quicker you engage your leads, the higher your close rate will be.
  • No postage (unless you already have a Business Reply Mail account with the Post Office). This means the interested recipients must affix a stamp – making them a warmer lead since they have made an investment. Why spend time on people who "might" be interested?

————— Why this approach works —————

  • The piece looks personalized from the outside with hand addressing and stamps.
    This boosts open rates to nearly 100%, whereas junk mail is lower than 30%.
    Visit to read more about hand addressed mail.
  • The recipient has 4 ways to respond.
  • Once inside the envelope, the letters are easy to understand and written to get their attention.
  • The replies come directly to you, so you can contact them quickly and close more

Our program stands out from the rest, and keeps you ahead of your competition. Here's why:

There are many types of lead programs available today.  There are leads generated by telemarketing, voice broadcasting, online lead capture, newspaper advertising, and more.

The type of lead that will result in the most appointments
, least no-shows, and most sales is the direct mail lead.

HAND ADDRESSED MAIL IS OPENED BY NEARLY 100% OF IT'S RECIPIENTS! Junk mail is opened by as little as 30% of it's recipients.  You do the math.

See our partner site to read more about Hand Addressed Mail. 

I'm interested. What do I do now?

Give us a call. We'd love to talk with you, and help you achieve your goals. Email or call 937-223-5801 x33 to get started. *Please note that we are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, so if we don't answer, leave us a message and we'll get back with you or call Cindy's cell at 937-776-2948.

Owned and operated by Early Express Services Inc.
Dayton, OH

About Us

earlyexpress has been in business for over 35 years. We have 16 employees and our annual revenue is around $1 Million. We have the experience and firepower of the big guys, and the attention to detail and personal care of the small guys. We are just right! Give us a call today to find out more!

We are not an IMO.  We do not recruit agents.
We simply provide the highest quality lead programs to independent life agents.

Mortgage Protection Lead System
Proprietary Secrets Revealed!

Do you want to know what our Enhanced Mortgage Protection Mail program is all about, and why it works so well even in today's economy?

We are offering, for a limited time, our complete system and resources that will give you all of the proprietary secrets that we use to implement high response direct mail campaigns -- We have put together this package after much consideration and many requests.  We will only release a limited number, and reserve the right to to refund payment to you if you are in an area where we currently have an exclusive contract.

This system includes:

• The E-Book: Life Agent Leads Mortgage Protection System
the complete E-Book that reveals all of our proprietary secrets
everyone that you need to know to get started - Services, suppliers and more
• Word Letter Templates and Samples
The best performing & highest response rate letters! You edit and print.
• Telephone scripts
once you have the leads, know what the top producers are saying to get the appointment
• Incentive Gifts
Unlimited rights to use!
proven to at least double your response rates
• DIY Mail Merge training
Microsoft Word - DIY instructions


• Final Expense bonus program information
• Final Expense letter templates

Was $149.95 - and worth every penny!

Now only $49.95
(for a limited time)

You'll even get a SPECIAL custom font that will triple your open rate!
This alone is worth $49.95
Your Mortgage Protection Lead system will be delivered via download link within 30 minutes of receipt of your payment.  Your download link will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your payment.